Welcome to Integrative Acupuncture

Where your Health Journey Begins

Welcome to Integrative Acupuncture

Where your Health Journey Begins


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine are a comprehensive natural health care system that has been used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness


Holistic Nutrition

What’s the best diet for your health? Holistic Nutrition is unique and specific for every single person. It is based on what your body WANTS and NEEDS to thrive

Holistic HealthCare & Functional Medicine

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease and restore good health. We are shifting from treating the symptoms to treating the cause

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your health?

We take time to listen and evaluate your health concerns on an individual basis. Receive a Comprehensive Consultation where we note your complete health history, symptoms, concerns and health goals

A few key health concerns that
Integrative Acupuncture treats successfully:

  • Coping with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and addiction
  • Chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, IBS, and colitis
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Gynecological and reproductive issues such as PMS & infertility
  • Allergy-rhinitis & sinusitis as well as asthma and migraines
  • Treatment for cancer and side effects of chemotherapy

Arthritis: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to the Rescue.

ARTHRITIS- makes your heart sink when you hear it as a diagnosis, right? But if you break down the word itself to the nuts and bolts you get: “Arthro” = joint and “itis” = inflammation. If you’ve been labeled arthritic it simply means there is inflammation in the...

Our Health and its Relationship to Nature

Take control of your OWN happiness in these 10 steps

Taking care of your body is a choice you get to make hundreds of times a day. You get to decide if you are going to nourish your body with healing foods or foods that don't serve you and ultimately harm you. You get to decide if you are going to focus on what’s good...

How Do We Develop Strength in the Face of Adversity?

Why YOU Need “Earthing” or “Grounding” in Your Daily Life

Let's face it, most days we are rudely awaken by a loud alarm clock, moving our way to the coffee pot for liquid energy while scrolling through our morning emails or Facebook to then sit under florescent lights while looking at a computer screen for 8 hours. We are...


Wow! Another exciting announcement as our in-house nutritionist, Georgette Schwartz, gets another important certification! At Integrative Acupuncture we are always on the cutting edge of education and implementation for our patients, which is why we are so excited to...

What our patients are saying about Integrative Acupuncture

“It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you two but I wanted to let you know that you both have truly saved my life!! Where there was once a depressed, lethargic, hip dysphasia ridden girl is now an avid hiker, world explorer, and all-around adventurer!!! Without your help, I can’t imagine what kind unacceptable quality of life I’d be living!”

“Without Integrative Acupuncture I wouldn’t have been able to get back to playing in a natural way. My name is Erik and I’m a professional soccer player. Due to the help of these girls, I would probably still be sitting in Florida in pain. I came to them with a scar tissue build up in my adductor and wasn’t able to run without pain. Within 9-12 sessions and a couple supplements, I was back to running and working out!”

“About 8 months ago, my 16 year old daughter and I visited your office after her attempt to commit suicide. She was on medication for depression, which continued to break her spirit and make her so unhappy that I hardly recognized her. Like any other parent, I was desperate to find answers and to bring my daughter back from her nightmare.”

“After seeking medical help from 14 doctors over the past year and a half I nearly gave up hope and accepted a life of chronic pain from a spinal cord injury. I didn’t even consider acupuncture until my daughter desperate to help me, arranged an appointment at Integrated Acupuncture. I’m so thankful that I met Kim, Harmony, and Lauren, who have patiently guided and treated me with astonishing results.”