It’s been a little while since I’ve seen you two but I wanted to let you know that you both have truly saved my life!! Where there was once a depressed, lethargic, hip dysphasia ridden girl is now an avid hiker, world explorer, and all-around adventurer!!! Without your help, I can’t imagine what kind unacceptable quality of life I’d be living!!In April of last year, I went hiking, for the first time, in the redwood national park! Five miles straight when I thought it was an impossible feat!!! I started crying and thanking the universe for bringing you both into my life! After that I went backpacking all around Europe for two months (walking everywhere) and hiked up a trail in the Alps on Lake Como! Now I live in Boston and walking has become a favorite part of my day instead of a reason to stay in bed…I love you both more than you know and I wanted to make sure to tell you what amazing things you do for people <3

Lauren A.


About 8 months ago, my 16 year old daughter and I visited your office after her attempt to commit suicide. She was on medication for depression, which continued to break her spirit and make her so unhappy that I hardly recognized her. Like any other parent, I was desperate to find answers and to bring my daughter back from her nightmare. The depression caused her to lose sleep and eventually affected her whole body. She suffered from excruciating pain all over her body. I couldn’t even touch or hug her and she never smiled. Talking to people and friendships were unreachable for her, and I felt hopeless. I prayed God would give me a solution.

Then God sent me two angels. Harmony, you and Kim have saved my daughter’s life and have rebuilt our relationship. Ever since she has been under your care, she is a happy person, sleeps through the night suffers little to no pain and has found a comedic side to her personality. Now, I can’t get her to stop “talking”. Her friends and family members can hardly recognize her and she is comfortable in her own skin. I appreciate everything you do for her and I will always be grateful for your warm words and gentle advice. You have changed our lives and we will never forget.

What else can I say….. thank you!!

Mother and Daughter


Without Integrative Acupuncture I wouldn’t have been able to get back to playing in a natural way. My name is Erik and I’m a professional soccer player. Due to the help of these girls, I would probably still be sitting in Florida in pain. I came to them with a scar tissue build up in my adductor and wasn’t able to run without pain. Within 9-12 sessions and a couple supplements, I was back to running and working out! Thank you girls for everything.

Erik H.

I wanted to let you know how well my son has been doing in school since beginning treatment with Integrative Acupuncture. When I brought him to you he was experiencing pretty severe test anxiety and lots of related stress. He was unable to focus and his anxiety was blocking his ability to achieve despite studying hard and knowing his material for tests. I was at a loss as to how to help him and then I thought of you. After just a few treatments, he became more calm and focused and approached his schoolwork with much more dedication and confidence. I am happy to say that after a rocky start to his freshman year, he has turned things around significantly. He feels confident and calm when studying for and taking tests and is enjoying the feeling that comes from hard work and successful results.Thank you for helping him so much!

After seeking medical help from 14 doctors over the past year and a half I nearly gave up hope and accepted a life of chronic pain from a spinal cord injury. I didn’t even consider acupuncture until my daughter desperate to help me, arranged an appointment at Integrated Acupuncture. I’m so thankful that I met Kim, Harmony, and Lauren, who have patiently guided and treated me with astonishing results. Narcotics are no longer an integral daily regimen for me since acupuncture treatments have lessened pain intensity and frequency. My energy level has increased giving me strength to enjoy life once again. Their devotion and kindness on my road to recovery is a blessing.

Evelyn M


First let me say thank you Harmony, Kim and Lauren. The 3 of you have helped me so much with my neuropathy. I was on so much medication and now I’m not on any and I can feel my feet and walk without pain. On top of that you have taken care of my back pain and any other aches I bring with me into your office. The entire staff that you have are so willing to accommodate my work schedule for appointments. I can’t forget Georgette, your holistic nutritionist, she set me straight with my OLD terrible eating habits to get me to my goals.

Thank you everyone!

Donna P


Before I met Kim, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 3 years. We had gone through a lot. We tried for a year before we sought any assistance with no luck. After the first year we decided to see a specialist. That was over 2 more years of trying. My diagnosis was unexplained. There was no reason. No reason that we were unable to conceive.

In those 2 plus years we had seen two different fertility specialists, and one acupuncturist who “specialized” in fertility. We had done 2 I.U.I.’s and 4 I.V.F. cycles. Each failed cycle left us with no baby and feeling a little bit more hopeless. I was at my wits end. I felt defeated. My husband was ready to be done. We decided to give it one last try, and with that last try we would leave no stone left unturned. We would find the best doctors, we would be the healthiest people we could be, we would do everything we could so there would be no regrets.

I had heard through a friend about the ladies at Integrative Acupuncture a couple times and thought maybe I could try acupuncture again. Maybe.

I just happened to walk past Kim in a booth for Integrative Acupuncture at an event in downtown Delray. I gathered my strength and decided to say hi. I told Kim my story, the quick version, fighting back tears, and Kim said, “let’s get you pregnant.”

In that very first meeting I had with Kim, standing in the middle of Atlantic Avenue, she made me feel better.

As I sat in my initial consult with Kim a couple weeks later, I told her the whole story, I cried and I watched Kim fight back her own tears. After an hour and a half with Kim I knew this experience would be different than my previous experience with acupuncture. I knew that she genuinely cared about me. I knew she was going to do everything she could to help. I decided to trust Kim and Harmony to help my husband and I to leave no stone unturned, to help us start a family.

Kim and Harmony designed a treatment plan for me which not only included my fertility issues, but also making me a healthier person in general. We worked on my headaches, my nutrition, and my emotional state for several months before doing another I.V.F. cycle. I was feeling healthier and calmer than I had in a very long time.

As I sit here today one year later, and 33 weeks pregnant with twins, I could not be more greatful to Kim, Harmony, and Lauren. Going to Integrative Acupuncture has changed my life forever. These women love what they do and genuinely care about their patients. I can’t think of a reason why I would ever stop going to see them.

Jessica G.


Although I believed in the theory of acupuncture there were several thoughts which prevented me from taking that leap to actually trying it for weight loss and other issues that had begun to plague me: lymphadema, neck pain, back pain, etc. There was the cost and and could I afford it? Then there was the needles! I abhor needles! But having been a cancer survivor, and a coronary artery bypass patient, needles had become a part of my life. And then there was the big question – did it really work or was it just another big promise with no delivery? I had tried all kinds of diets and they all worked- for a while- but I could not seem to remain on any one of them. I was depressed, felt hopeless, and weighed down with far more than my weight. I was at the end of my rope and figured I had nothing to lose.

What I found at Integrated Acupuncture was a group of caring, medical professionals who do what they do because it is their calling and passion. They were thorough in their research of my medical history and once they outlined a course of treatment were willing to work on methods of payment. Turned out my insurance covers Acupunture! In addition, each member of the team brings to the patient their knowledge; whether it be in nutrition, acupuncture, or hypnotherapy with compassion for the patient and their issues. Each team member brings with them a component for my optimum health. They view the person as a whole and not just what falls in their area of expertise so that whole person-body, mind and even soul may be healed.

Although it has only been a short time that I have been seeking help at Integrated Acupuncture, I have experienced success in my weight loss, no longer sleep with a brace for neck issues, my back pain has resolved and the lymphadema in my leg is all but gone! Most importantly, the need and cravings to eat processed, high carb foods has so significantly dropped that a basket of bread set before me at a restaurant no longer torments me throughout the meal! I no longer feel the need to eat when I am frustrated, tired, or stressed. I am calmer and feel energized. Amazing! After a 45 year battle with an eating addiction, I finally have hope that I will be restored to optimum health. I believe that with the team at Integrative Acupuncture this will finally be my reality. Oh, by the way, the needles are painless!

Loretta S.


I am generally a skeptic about alternative medical practices such as Acupuncture but standard medical practices were offering only drugs (a couple quite powerful and probably addictive) to deal with persistent and increasing shoulder pain resulting from a torn rotater cuff. The pain was inteferring with sleep and causing other joint problems as I compensated for the limitations imposed by the loss of motion in the shoulder. Over a period of a year the problem was not resolving and my orthopedist was starting to talk about surgery for shoulder joint replacement. Rather than go down that path I decided to try the human pin cushion approach 🙂 A friend of my wife recommended Integrative Acupuncture and I contacted them for an appointment.

At the first meeting, the staff were all very pleasant and the Practitioner spent significant time with me discussing their approach to my particular problem and helped establish realistic expectations for results. They of course offered no guarentees but my understanding was that I should experience some relief after four visits…so I signed up.

I am pleased to say that I have had very positive results from this treatment. Within just two sessions my range of motion increased significantly. I still experience occasional jolts of pain in the shoulder when it rotates through the area of the tear, but the persistent radiating pain in the shoulder has dissipated, and the associated joint and tendon pain in the neck, elbow and hands has ceased to be a problem.

While I still have no clear understanding of the scienctific basis of acupuncture it has certainly solved this particular problem for me in a much less invasive manner than the drugs and shoulder surgery recommended by western medicine.

The practitioners and staff at Integrative Acupuncture have all been extremely pleasant and in my case effective! Should an individual find themselves dealing with persistent pain, I can and will recommend they try acupuncture for relief, and I will highly recommend Integrative Acupuncture.

Tom M.


After breaking my neck in may of 2013, the women at Integrative Acupuncture, (Kim, Harmony, and Lauren), had me off my pain meds in 2 weeks and back to, LIVING MY LIFE, WITHIN COMPLETE NORMALCY, after 4 months of treatment.

I started receiving acupuncture treatments 3 times a week just after my original injury. Beyond using needles to treat me, they supported every stage, of my recovery, with different Chinese herbal formulas. One for post accident, pre-surgery, post surgery, and now maintenance.

For anyone, IN ANY KIND OF PAIN, I highly recommend you call for an appointment with this company. The office is very clean, all the people working there are very nice, they were great with getting me in and out on time, and my incredible recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Sage S.


I came to Integrative Acupuncture over 4 years ago. I had just finished chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. I was really scared!! My body and mind were not in sync. The cancer treatment worked and I was in remission. But my mind was waiting for the next bad doctor report. I was experiencing muscle and joint pain. I was relating pain to another reoccurrence of cancer. Anxiety was keeping me from leaving my home and socializing. My first appointment was with Harmony. She explained to me how acupuncture was going to help me. A common concern is whether or not the needles are going to hurt. The needles don’t hurt! Harmony, Kim, and Lauren are amazing. They make me very comfortable while putting the needles in place. Once they are all in place I lay back, take three deep breaths, close my eyes and let the treatment heal me. I am so relaxed that I fall asleep during EVERY treatment. Today my muscle/joint pain have lessened to where I don’t have to take pain medication every day. My anxiety levels are managed. I’m able to leave my home without taking an ativan. I even have a part time job. Thank You so much Integrative Acupuncture.CHERISHED FRIENDSHIP
Every week I can’t wait for my appointment I look forward to seeing everyone in the office. Starting with the front desk. Sharon and Gerard always greet the patients with a soft smile. When I call the office to make my next appointment, they are very pleasant and accommodating. The staff at Integrative Acupuncture genuinely cares about their patients. I know this, because they first ask what I have been doing since my last visit. They want to know about whats going on in my LIFE. The staff takes the time to sit and talk with you before your treatment. Then they ask how I am feeling. Its great, because if life is good then I am feeling better too! Integrative Acupuncture Cares!!COMPASSIONATE TREATMENT + CHERISHED FRIENDSHIPS = INTEGRATIVE ACUPUNCTURE

– S.P.

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