I remember 10 years ago, as I sat in the Library studying for my Chinese medical board exams, reading and re-reading, thinking to myself with excitement, one day my “job” will consist of me helping people. My mind often drifted envisioning what my practice would look like as well as the patients’ faces I would soon see. I would literally smile to myself as I day-dreamed of a future where I would offer encouraging words to help others make healthy life transformations or be the one to give a compassionate hug in times of darkness. I never thought for a second of giving up on this dream. I studied from morning until night for months on end, to solidify the path to my life’s purpose. The more I was on purpose the more I realized not everyone shared this same excitement and passion. Some felt as if they had no passion or purpose at all. I soon found in social settings, as I beamed with enthusiasm talking about what I had learned, a patient I had helped or a test I had passed, there was a slight disconnect with people because they weren’t able to relate to or reciprocate my enthusiasm. This is when I started to notice there were many people moving through this world without purpose or even knowing the feelings of purpose.

In a world filled with love as well as rejection and self-limiting beliefs, I wondered, “Is it better to have a purpose to strive for and never achieve, then to have no purpose at all and experience no disappointment?” After 10 years in practice and seeing so much magic in myself as well as my patients (often magic that they don’t see in themselves), I firmly believe it’s the former.

Think about it… what is something you looked forward to at one time in your life. Maybe, it was as a child, waking on Christmas morning with the purpose of seeing what Santa brought. Perhaps it was the anticipation of being reunited with someone you love who was out of town. There is a moment in your life when you woke up on purpose!

How did you feel that day? I’ll tell you how I feel when I’m on purpose: excited, hopeful, fulfilled, energetic, passionate, grateful, unstoppable… I could go on, but I think you’ll agree, purpose sounds pretty good.

Now what if I told you that multiple scientific studies have proven, that by having life purpose will lead you to a better quality of life. Purpose can create better relationships, promotes resilience, makes you live longer, prevents Alzheimer’s disease, protect against heart disease and help you handle pain better?

Most people without purpose are frustrated, stressed, and hopeless about it, but I believe EVERYONE was born with multiple purposes. If you will take on this belief, your purpose alone may be searching for YOU. As someone with a strong sense of purpose, I assure you it’s worth it! If you don’t know your life’s purpose, there are many exercises out there to help trigger you to find one or more. I offer you these:
1.  What did you love the most as a child? What lit you up? What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you have a dream that you abandoned? Start there and think about how and what excited you as a child and how this can be incorporated into your life now.
2.  Think about what you’d want someone to say about you when giving your eulogy. Instead of thinking, “That’s morbid,” think about how you want to be remembered by those who care about you. Your legacy is built on your purpose.  It can be as small as the thank you kindly given to the grocery store bagger or it can be as big as the wing you donate to a hospital. In other words, your purpose is built on how you treat others as well as how you treat yourself.
3.  In alignment with how you treat yourself, being healthy, consciously caring about your health, gives you purpose. Acupuncture is a great opening to finding your purpose.

Acupuncture, lessens your stress, opens your mind, gives you more energy, clears your head, helps you sleep, makes you more patient, helps you embrace change, and optimizes healing.

Imagine, with that sense of calm and open-mindedness, how acupuncture can give you a better sense of clarity, vision, drive, motivation and passion!

We invite you to Integrative Acupuncture to experience for yourself how acupuncture can open you up to your purpose. Or if you already have purpose, how acupuncture can deepen that purpose and open you up to possibilities you’ve never imagined. We look forward to being a part of your journey!

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