1. Eat outdoors this summer whenever possible. (I keep a collection of big baskets on hand to pack up at a moment’s notice with tin plates, cloth napkins, lightweight cutlery, and our meal. Then all we have to do is transport the baskets to

Summer Hearta pleasant spot and enjoy.) There is so much pleasure when the light is so breathtaking in the late evenings: even carryout from your favorite restaurant will take on a golden glow. And absorbing the sights and sounds of nature while you eat is a lovely way to slow down, enjoy your meal, and improve both your digestion and your attitude.

2. Water-play on hot summer days never goes out of style: you’ll be amazed how much fun you and your kids can get out of a lawn sprinkler or a garden hose. Or you can save precious water and take a trip to Delray Beach, one of the countries most beautiful beaches.

3. Take some do-nothing time. Sit outside at dusk and watch the fireflies–they hold a special magic for people of all ages. We are so adept at DOING: summer encourages us to find pleasure in simply BEING.

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