I had never even heard of the term gut health until my first visit with holistic nutritionist Georgette Schwartz at Integrative Acupuncture in Delray Beach. Of course I knew what the gut was. I knew I definitely had some kind of gastrointestinal issues going on, but I never knew how important gut health was until talking with Georgette at length about dietary habits, and then having blood work done to ultimately figure out what was causing my gut to pretty much hate me, and my eczema to worsen at the most random times. 

The ugly truth reared its head, and it was a lot for me to swallow. Turns out I had a ton of different food sensitivities and allergies that completely explained why I was always feeling so awful and having these skin flare-ups all the time. 

It was difficult at first, and very hard to give up some of the things I loved (like cheese…oh how I miss slicing into an oozing ball of burrata), but as time went on, I discovered new things to love. I figured out that I could handle goat’s milk cheese and thankfully there are a lot more goat cheeses out there than just the soft, spreadable kind that immediately comes to mind. I discovered gluten-free and vegan brands for just about everything, and found that restaurants and chefs were quick and happy to accommodate my restrictions. I incorporated meat back into my diet, and discovered a love for grilled chicken, medium-rare steak and roasted rack of lamb.

Georgette suggested various different supplements to have on hand that would also help with digestive issues — things to help with bloating, gassiness, going to the bathroom, and all the stuff we don’t like to talk about, but it happens to more people than you think.

I discovered a lot of things, and started to feel better for the most part. My skin cleared, but I knew I still wasn’t 100% right in the gut. That’s when Georgette suggested we do a cleanse. Although I successfully removed the foods that I was reacting to from my diet, I never did the proper work to repair and heal my gut. That’s what the 7-Day Detox helps to do, and with Georgette’s guidance, it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

You’ll need two specific products to start, both of which can be purchased right at Integrative Acupuncture — Metagenics UltraGI Replenish (I prefer the chocolate flavor) and NuMedica Dual-Tox DPO. The UltraGI Replenish is a nutritional powder that supports the management of compromised gut function with digestive disorders including malabsorption. I promise it actually tastes good and there is no chalky aftertaste — it makes an excellent post-workout smoothie! The Dual-Tox DPO are vegetarian capsules that help support the body through its detoxification phases. 

These products are the fundamentals of the whole detox. They remain the only constant. The rest of your diet? Well, you’ll be eliminating new things each day.

When you start your cleanse, Georgette will write up a program for you and give you an easy-to-understand guide covering the amount of UltraGI Replenish and Dual-Tox DPO capsules you consume and when, what foods you can and cannot have as the week goes on, and how to properly add them back after the seven days is over. 

The first couple days were rough, I’ll admit to that. But that just meant it was working. My body was doing its due diligence to cleanse itself of the toxins that were keeping it from being at its best. By the end, though, I felt good. My energy levels were high, and I felt like I had accomplished something I didn’t really think I could fully commit to. 

It’s the same concept as needing a rest day after working out so many days in a row — your muscles need time to repair themselves and grow stronger. Our gut is no different. Sometimes we need to give our digestive system a rest from food in order for it to repair and grow stronger. 

That’s what Georgette and Integrative Acupuncture helped me see, and helped me work to accomplish. If a detox diet sounds like it might be the thing you need to help get your gut back on track, call Integrative Acupuncture at 561-819-0530 and make an appointment with either of the in-house holistic nutritionists, Georgette Schwartz and Angela Dugan. Both of these women can guide you through this 7-Day Detox, or find the right nutrition plan for you and your body.

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