Top Seven Natural Remedies To Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet

Written by Shaina Wizov

At Integrative Acupuncture, we focus on the practice of holistic healing in order to help our patients on their journey to optimal health. While we do use a combination of both Eastern and Western medical approaches, when it comes to healing the mind, body and soul, our practitioners and nutritionists tend to opt for natural remedies over prescription and drug store medication.

We do what’s needed to heal you within the walls of our office, but a big part of our work with you is educating you about how to continue your healing process at home, on your own time. That means providing you with knowledge about natural, at-home remedies to keep your stress levels down, your gut in check, and your overall health in working order.

These are seven natural remedies we find most effective:

1) Ginger Tea
Ginger is widely known to help with stomach issues, especially nausea and digestion. It also can aid in reducing pain and inflammation, calm irritated skin, boost immunity, ease period cramps, and decrease bad cholesterol. It has even been known to protect against cancer, and help your skin look more youthful, due to its many antioxidants. It’s ability to thin the blood also helps prevent blood clots from forming in the body, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Basically, ginger is a powerhouse spice that should be kept in your cabinet at all times.

2) Immune-Boosting Herbs
Specifically herbs such as echinacea, elderberry, and mushrooms, which can be taken whenever you feel a little under the weather. These herbs are especially helpful in reducing cold and flu symptoms and improving sinus issues and allergies. Forget Tylenol and Benadryl — stock up on these herbs instead.

3) Arnica
Arnica is the homeopathic answer to reducing the appearance of bruising, and drastically decreasing any kind of muscle soreness, aches, pains, and tenderness, anywhere on the body. It’s good to use if you are experiencing pain after surgery, or suffer from Osteoarthritis. Next time you feel sore or spot a bruise on your body, instead of reaching for an ice pack, apply a thin coating of Arnia to the affected area. It’s soothing, calming feel will certainly help to make you feel better.

4) Digestive Enzymes
If you suffer from any kind of food allergies or sensitivities, gut issues, or just need a little extra help when it comes to digestion, you should make sure you have digestive enzymes with you at all times. They can be purchased in our office or on our website store, and are said to help with conditions such as Celiac and Crohn’s disease, heartburn, indigestion, IBS and ulcerative colitis.

Digestive enzymes help break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the body so that the body is able to properly digest and absorb the nutrients. When the body cannot absorb the nutrients correctly, it causes slow digestion which leads to those uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms, i.e., gas, bloating, and diarrhea.

5) Essential Oils
Aromatherapy, or therapy using essential oils, helps to create emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical balance. Different oils can help with different ailments. Lavender is known to reduce migraines, decrease depression, and help with quality of sleep. Ylang-ylang helps with relaxation and improves the mood, and citrus can give you a boost of energy. You can also use of a blend of different scents to address other areas of concern, such as allergies, menstrual pain, and pain associated with arthritis.

6) Manuka Honey
Honey is definitely a superfood you want to have on hand. But this specific kind of honey has special properties to make it even more useful. It can boost the production of collagen, which improves the appearance of skin (pro-tip: use manuka honey as a face mask! Spread a small amount on your face right after washing and leave on for 20 minutes.)

It also has properties that help you sleep better, acts as an antibiotic to help heal wounds and infections, can soothe a sore throat and supports a healthy gut.

7) Colloidal Silver
This solution made up of small silver particles in liquid can be taken orally, applied directly onto the skin, or injected into a vein. It’s an age-old remedy with endless curing capabilities due to its stimulating the immune system and helping the body to heal itself. It’s said to cure a range of things including, but not limited to, tuberculosis, arthritis, herpes and cancer.

These are just a few of the many at-home remedies that you can use to live a naturally healthy life. If you’d like to speak with one of our Acupuncture Physicians or Holistic Nutritionists call us today at 561-819-0530 to schedule an appointment.

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