Sports Injury

Sports injuries encompass a plethora of medical concerns, usually related to musculoskeletal conditions. Basically, it covers all acute injuries and chronic ailments due to specific physical activities, including problems that result from physical training, martial arts, competitive sports, “weekend warriors,” outdoor activities and competitions. When you participate in these activities, you commonly stress or damage muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints – the areas that are used the most.

You may be an athlete, a very active individual or was injured in your daily workout. When you endure an injury it can be a battle between staying rested and staying active. Before you give decide to continue your usual physical activities consider your options to relief.

sportsAcupunture. This treatment is not new. In fact, using it to heal acute injuries from intense or repetitive physical activity began centuries ago. It was and still is one of the primary means of quick healing for the martial arts. It can reduce pain, increase your range of motion, increase recovery and healing time, and strengthen weakened parts of the body. It’s noninvasive, inexpensive and painless. It can decrease inflammation, reduce swelling, relax muscles and relieve spasms, decrease bruising, lower the body’s pain response, and improve local blood circulation to increase delivery of nutrients and removal of noxious elements. Acupuncture works very well to decrease healing times and resolve stubborn ailments for good. No more just THINKING your injury has been healed.

This treatment is widely available and you’ve probably heard of it, but never thought of using it for a sports injury before.

Acupuncture has such a successful record with healing sports injuries that many professional sports teams, including the San Francisco Giants baseball team and The Florida Panthers hockey team have acupuncturists on staff. David Groeschner, head athletic trainer for the Giants, told Acupuncture Today that Ogawa’s [their acupuncturist] work with the players has been great. “The players love him and love the treatments. In our game, we are out there every day, so the players get sore and banged up. They definitely get back into the game more quickly because of his work.”

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