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womens-health2A woman’s body goes through many cycles in the course of a lifetime. From the onset of puberty, healthy pregnancy, and menopause, with many years of menstruation in between, a woman’s body is in a constant state of change. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine work to restore balance and overall vitality to women along any stage of their journey. Some of the more commonly treated conditions with Chinese medicine include: loss of menstrual flow, irregular menses, painful menses, heavy uterine bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, infertility, pregnancy-related conditions, frequent miscarriage, and the shift into menopause.

Women of all ages can benefit from acupuncture care.

In young women just beginning to menstruate, acupuncture can help relieve cramps and PMS. The menstrual cycle can be comfortable and regular so that it won’t interfere with normal activities. Your mother may tell you that her period was difficult until she had her first baby. But you don’t have to wait that long. PMS symptoms usually begin to disappear quickly with treatment.

Chronic menstrual problems respond well to more long term care. Acupuncture combined with herbal medicine restrains heavy bleeding associated with fibroids and endometriosis and relieves pain.

For women who are trying to become pregnant, acupuncture helps solve problems of infertility. After childbirth, acupuncture and herbal medicine are very helpful in restoring and replenishing the new mother’s energy.

For women in menopause, hot flashes (power surges), excessive mood swings and night sweats can be greatly reduced to make this time of transition much more comfortable. Treatment focuses on stopping excessive sweating and restoring restfulness.

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