Acupuncture is individualized care and no two patients receive the same treatments for the same dis-ease. Is it right for you?

The simple answer is a resounding YES! This is the personalized care in
medicine that everyone has been desiring but hasn’t been offered in a traditional doctor’s office.

Here’s why:

1. Acupuncturists are trained to look at the details. They study how you walk through the door, the color of your complexion, the tone of your voice and the whites of your eyes. Why? Because these nuances reveal a great deal about your body and overall health.

Kim Marrone and Harmony Brown, Acupuncture Physicians at Integrative Acupuncture

Kim Marrone and Harmony Brown, Acupuncture Physicians at Integrative Acupuncture

2. Acupuncturists are interested in the details of your life, past and present, that led you to where you are today. Why? Because the culmination of your life experiences and habits play a huge role in your health condition today.

3. Acupuncturists ask questions to get clues on how the network of interdependent parts like organs, blood, lymph, bones, muscle and fascia are working while assessing the bodies subtleties of meridians and energetics. Why? Because they are trained to understand how all of these parts affect each other and in turn your health, which is not what you get from a doctor who specializes in one area like a cardiologist.

4. Acupuncturists are looking for areas of the body that may be deficient as well as areas that may have excesses. This helps us determine what is stagnant and creating blockages, both mentally and physically. They fine tune treatment protocols to redirect and redistribute energetics to help the body self regulate and stimulate its own healing abilities. An acupuncturists will explain how dis-ease processes start and how they can be resolved in simple terms. In addition, they will advise a plan to resolve a health issue as well as a preventative plan to stay healthy.

5. Acupuncturists are there to listen, assess and help facilitate the changes necessary to regain optimal health. Why? Because the relationship between you and your acupuncturists is a special one. You deserve to be heard, understood, and treated for symptoms or changes in your body you know instinctively need to be addressed. And not necessarily with prescriptions or sometimes harmful treatments of traditional medicine.

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